9D Action Cinemas is proudly an Sri Lankan owned company. Opportunities with multi-dimensional cinemas were idenified by us and much time was devoted to researching the best available systems and equipment around the world to ensure reliability, safety and cost effectiveness while maximizing the sensory ride experience. A team of professionals was established to manage the corporate and operational structure, to ensure that it is managed efficiently and with solid corporate governance. The first cinema, known as 9D Action Cinema opened in 2016. Through practical implementation and market testing, have been upgraded in construction and effects ensuring maximum sensory experience and safety for all age groups. 9D Action Cinema ride is now open at Amity Maharagama and a new spectacular 9D Action Cinema is soon to be opened at Ja-Ela Reality Plaza . Both these new cinemas in have been created using the latest leading-edge technology with direct drive, electric powered motion that further accentuates the ride. Rides last up to 9 minutes depending on your choice. cooperative marketing opportunities are available to businesses where there is synergy of services offered. Contact us for more details